Skeleton, Titan FC teams with Armed Forces Network to Support the Troops

Team Skeleton Ambassador Lex McMahon recently traveled to Kuwait with a team of Titan FC fighters to help raise morale amongst American troops stationed there. The group traveled to 10 military bases carrying boxes full of donated Skeleton Optics eyewear and provided 2 hour training sessions to those who were interested. 

The trip was organized by Armed Forces Network (AFN), an official Department of Defense agency. AFN provides  entertainment to deployed military personnel, and hosts more than 600 shows each year, reaching more than 400,000 personnel at 200 military installations around the world. 

"This was a great opportunity for us to work with an organization that has been supporting the men and women in the military for years," said Skeleton Optics CEO & President, Mark Llano. "I know Lex can't wait to get back over there, and either can we!"

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