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Frequently Asked Questions

Fishing sunglasses are specifically designed to enhance vision on water, with polarized lenses that reduce glare from reflective surfaces and improve visibility beneath the water's surface.

At Skeleton Optics, we feature Carl Zeiss specialized lens tints to boost contrast and clarity in various light conditions, making it easier for you to spot fish and underwater structures.

Additionally, our fishing sunglasses are built with durable materials to withstand exposure to salt water, sand, and extended sun exposure, ensuring they last longer in harsh marine environments.

Polarized gray or amber lenses are often considered the best options.

Gray lenses provide true color perception and work well in bright, sunny conditions, making them ideal for offshore fishing. Amber or copper-tinted lenses enhance contrast and depth perception, which is crucial for spotting fish in shallow waters or on overcast days.

However, some anglers prefer green-tinted lenses, which offers a balance and provides good visibility in a variety of light conditions and water depths.

While not absolutely mandatory, polarized sunglasses offer significant advantages for fishing.

They dramatically reduce glare from the water's surface and help you see beneath the water to spot fish easily. This improved visibility will enhance your fishing experience and success rate, especially when sight-fishing or casting to specific targets.

Additionally, polarized lenses provide better overall UV protection, making them a highly recommended investment for both casual and serious anglers.

Both plastic and glass lenses have their merits for fishing sunglasses, but plastic lenses are generally favored.

Plastic lenses, particularly those made from polycarbonate, are lightweight, impact-resistant, and less likely to shatter, making them safer for active anglers.

They're also less expensive and offer excellent optical clarity.

Glass lenses, while heavier, provide superior scratch resistance and the clearest optics possible. However, their weight and potential to shatter make them less ideal for most fishing scenarios, except for those who prioritize absolute top-tier visual clarity over other factors.

However, with Skeleton Optics, you get the best of both worlds as our lenses are made with Zeiss technology.