Skeleton Optics, Titan FC team with AHERO Foundation to Support Veterans

Team Skeleton Ambassador Lex McMahon recently traveled to Key West Florida with  MMA fighter Stefan "Skyscraper" Struve to take a group of U.S. Military veterans out for a long weekend of deep sea fishing during the annual Warrior Hook Up trip. Struve and McMahon met the group carrying boxes full of donated Skeleton Optics eyewear for use on their journey.

The event was organized by the AHERO Foundation, (America's Heroes Enjoying Recreation Outdoors). AHERO connects Veterans with patriotic members of local communities by organizing outdoor events and social activities. The goal is to heal the physical and psychological wounds of war and military service by:

  • Introducing Veterans to resources and programs available to them to increase their overall quality of life 
  • Developing an informal support network of Veterans across the country
  • Encouraging constructive communication and engagement 
  • Boosting morale

    "The moment Lex told us about the AHERO Foundation we were on board," said Skeleton Optics CEO & President, Mark Llano. "The organization embraces the outdoor, no boundaries lifestyle that Skeleton Optics represents, but more importantly, makes a concerted effort to bring military service members back into the fold when they come home. Lex and I are both veterans, we know how challenging it can be when you come back from service... this was just our small way of saying, thank you."


    To find out more about AHERO please visit: