Ryan & Marissa Bassham

Ryan and Marissa Bassham have known each other since they were 13. Ryan first introduced Marissa to the world of hunting a few years later. Since then they have hunted together all over the world, added two beautiful little girls to their family, and with the support of the 45-year-old family travel agency have helped start a new hunting booking agency, Trophy Expeditions. In all of their travels one thing has always been a necessity, the gear that they use must hold up to the challenge. From hunting ducks in Argentina, chasing dangerous game in Africa, or packing deep in to the back country for western big game, the need to have gear that performs above expectation is critical to their success and to that of their clients. 

For them, being hunters and advocates of conservation through hunting isn’t just a job. It’s a way of life. Introducing new hunters to the truthfulness of the hunting world and what it means to be a hunter is critical to them.

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