Geoff Reeves

Geoff Reeves might be the creator of the Skeleton Optics tagline #noboundaries. Whether its jumping out of planes, racing cars, shooting guns, scuba diving or snowboarding the backcountry, Reeves always enjoys the adventure. Born and raised in the mid-west, Reeves chased his childhood dream of becoming a Navy SEAL, Reeves joined the Navy after graduating college and was quickly commissioned an officer. Following active duty overseas, Reeves returned home receiving new orders as a “leap frog” becoming the officer in charge of the Navy parachuting team. From there Reeves decided to embark on a new path after his Navy service and decided to pursue a career in Hollywood. Geoff worked as an actor and host in several films and shows. Missing the brotherhood of the military, Geoff created Shadow Works, a patriotic infused sports brand, which donates proceeds from merchandise sales back to Seal based charities.

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