Craig Meyer

My name is Craig Meyer and I was born in raised in Somerset County, New Jersey. I was blessed to have a father who passed on the gifts of hunting and fishing to me from the time I could walk. Over the past several years I have taken these gifts and ran with them, entering the outdoor industry. This has allowed me to take my passion to the next level. Although I identify myself as an outdoorsman, I also take great pride in being a police officer, full-time. Every minute I am not on the road making an impact in the community I serve, I am in the woods or on the water.  With respect to the Outdoor Industry, I currently work for Plano Synergy, specifically, their Social Media and Marketing Team. They have ensured that I am able to take my hunting and fishing endeavors to the next level, every moment I am out there. I am proud to come on board with the Skelton Optics Team and am thankful that I will now have the ability to protect my eyes both on the street and in the field. Protecting your eyes should not be something you take lightly as you only get one pair of those. Luckily, Skeleton Optics are as great at shield my eyes as do they look while I am wearing them.

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