Cory Staniforth

Born and raised in Oregon, born and raised in the wilderness. I have spent most of my life running the backcountry in pursuit of my next big adventure. And if I am not in the backcountry bowhunting I am working around the country as a journeyman lineman builinging powerlines. Having one of the most dangerous jobs there is I have to wear the best safety gear on the market. Wether I am hanging from a helicopter, or face to face with 20 thousand volts I demand the best protection.

Bowhunting has been my passion since I could walk and now bowhunting brings a lifestyle for me in every step I take. Pursuing hardcore hunts throughout the year demands the best of the best in product I use daily. Wether it's footwear to hardware I strive to utilize the best products available, that's why I choose to wear Skeleton Optics. They keep my eyes protected while hunting or working the line. Other than keeping my eyes safe Skeleton Optics make me look good in every move I make.

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