Brittany Boddington

Brittany Boddington has been hunting internationally since 2003. She has hunted on 6 continents and collected numerous species. She has been on several TV shows including, Tracks Across Africa, The American Huntress, Petersen's Hunting Adventures, Dead Dog Walkin, Remington Country, The Extreme Huntress and The Boddington Experience. Brittany was the first female to be on the cover of Petersen's Hunting Magazine and has since been on the cover of California Sportsman Magazine, Wild Deer Magazine and Western Shooting Journal. Brittany enjoys traveling the world in pursuit of exotic animals and sharing her passion for the outdoors with the world through her writing and TV hosting. Brittany has been published in notable publications such as: Guns and Ammo, Sports A'field, Petersen's Hunting, Wild Deer Magazine, California Sportsman and Western Shooting Journal. She has recently joined forces with World of Hunting Adventures as a Hunting Consultant. Brittany is always looking forward to her next outdoor adventure! She has learned through experience that the best way to preserve our hunting heritage is to teach the next generation of hunters about our way of life so she has developed a women's hunting skills camp in partnership with Shannon Lansdowne and that premiers this May.

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