Backcountry Traditions

Backcountry Traditions LLC is veteran owned outdoor team composed of 9 members spread from Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and the great state of Texas. Regardless of where your outdoor adventure might be, whether it is hunting snow geese in Arkansas, whitetails in Pennsylvania, fly fishing mountain streams, or trekking the dark continent for African big game, effective and durable eye wear is a must, which is why the Backcountry family has joined Team Skeleton. With members serving United States Marine Corps or helping guide Ted Nugent’s Sunrize Safaris, the Backcountry team lives life in the outdoors with no boundaries and requires eyewear capable of meeting that challenging task. Backcountry Traditions’ outdoor excursions can be found on Carbon TV and also on the Pursuit Channel’s “The Den” starting in December 2017.

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